Depression & Self Esteem Counselling

Depression is when someone experiences a low mood, loss of interest or enjoyment in activities, and low self-esteem over a prolonged period. Daily life may feel a struggle and you may feel you can’t cope with day to day activities. Depression is classed as ‘mild’, when daily tasks may feel a struggle and you may experience little satisfaction in life; or ‘severe’ when your symptoms have a big impact on your normal day-to-day functioning due to their intensity and you are more likely to feel suicidal.

Bi-polar disorder is a type of depression in which your moods may swing from extreme highs to severe lows. I understand that it can be difficult to know when to seek professional help but if this sounds like your experience, then I can help. I am trained in several approaches. The approach used will be discussed and decided during your initial consultation. I offer a friendly, professional, ethical service, operating in two safe and supportive environments.

Causes of depression

Depression can occur for a variety of reasons or may seem to come out of nowhere. Where the cause is not clear to you, talking to a therapist who is more familiar with common triggers of depression may be helpful as the underlying cause may only become clear during therapy

  • Issues from childhood
  • Parental divorce
  • Poor relationships with parents
  • Experiencing childhood abuse as a child (sexual, physical, psychological)
  • Relationship problems
  • Suffering with a long-term illness
  • Bereavement
  • Social isolation
  • Unemployment or financial difficulty.
Chelmsford Depression Counsellor

Symptoms of depression

These are some common symptoms of depression, however there is a large variation in how each individual experience it. You may experience a few symptoms or all of them to varying degrees.

Psychological Symptoms

Include: feeling agitated, irritated or angry, feeling worthless or helpless, low confidence, guilt, feeling you have lost control of your life, and suicidal thoughts.

Behavioural Symptoms

Include: increased aggression towards others, losing your temper quickly, taking more risks than usual, finding it hard to concentrate, reduced interest in social activities, little interest in sex, and lack of motivation to take care of yourself.


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